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Welcome to a new way of approaching and learning guitar. Playing has been a consuming passion of mine since 1989, and I am blessed to be a professional musicians now. This passion is something that I would like to pass onto you. My approach to teaching guitar is to pass on the knowledge that I have acquired, but in a way that you will become the guitar player that you would like to become. Think of me as the tour guide on the adventure that you have dreamed about going on.

The students that I take on are those who are at an intermediate or advanced level and passionate and fully committed to learning, practicing and playing guitar.

My lessons incorporate technique, but wrapped in the practical application of learning songs. Over the years that I have taught guitar, I have found this to be the most motivational and exciting method of learning music. It makes you feel like you’re getting somewhere and feels great as you are really immersed in the music that you love. I like all of my students to realise their ambitions to play the songs and solos they dream about, and eventually record them at my studio.

Teaching the notes is the easy part, so I like to focus in on the really fine details as well which will help you achieve the sound and style that you really love to hear and want to be able to play. So, if you want to sound like Dave Gilmour for example, then we’ll explore everything from which guitar to use, which pickups, how to set up your tone and effects, the picking style and how that affects the tone of your playing, the vibrato, the pauses and the empty spaces between the note – absolutely everything that is going on in the music! This has helped me to not only play the songs of my guitar heroes, but also sound like them as well!

My experience includes recording, touring, teaching hundreds of students, and videos and I have taught private classes since 2006. I have a fortnightly column on YouTube called Lynch Lycks which will give you a good insight into my playing and teaching style: Jay Parmar on YouTube

My lessons are weekly and one hour long, and I teach from my recording studio in Saltdean, Brighton, or over Skype.

I would be delighted to hear from you and be out guitar ‘tour guide’ :)

Happy playing…




FREE 30 MIN TRIAL LESSON or 1 HOUR Trial Lesson for £20  


Single Lesson: £32

5 Lessons: £150 *

10 Lessons: £275 *

45 minuTe LESSONS


5 LESSONS: £115 *

10 LESSONS: £210 *


Lynch Lycks 121 – 3 lessons:  $150


* 10% discount for all new students booking their first 5 or 10 lessons. 

Lynch Lycks | 121

I’m known around the world as a specialist in playing in the style of George Lynch and I share this on my regular Lynch Lycks videos on YouTube. So, for the George Lynch fans, I have created a very specific course for you guys.

Lynch Lycks 121 is a fixed 3 lessons block during which the focus will be on teaching a George Lynch song or solo that you want to learn. We will be into minute detail about how to play the licks, get the sound, how to set up your amps and effects and what will get you to that Lynch ‘vibe’.

This really is a fast track for any George Lynch connoisseurs who really want to nail that sound and style.

And the beautiful part of this course is that as it is a fixed number of lessons, the price is fixed as well. You will get all three lessons for just $150. Included in that you will receive another 30 minutes per week to ask any questions or for me to check progress and give pointers over the 3 weeks of the lessons. In total you will receive 4.5 hours of my time for this fantastic price, thats a discount of 30% on my usual teaching rate.

During these lessons I will go into minute and very fine detail about how to get that George Lynch vibe, tone and feel. There are a lot of subtleties to George’s playing which I will show you how to achieve. I will go into the vibrato, slides, pinch harmonics, and everything else that you will need to really feel like you’re playing in that Scary Lynch style!

For examples of Lynch Lycks you can check out my YouTube channel:

Lynch Lycks has vastly improved my playing in a variety of ways. Jay breaks down the Lycks in a methodical and easy to understand method. His breakdowns on finger-positioning, scales, and playing the Lycks with different techniques has really expanded my playing. Jay not only teaches you how to not only sound more like George, but he also encourages you to add your personality to the experience making you a better guitar player. I can not recommend these lessons enough.

George Robbins – NY, USA

I discovered Jay and his Lynch-Style YouTube teaching channel about a year ago when I was getting back into playing after a long hiatus. Jay’s straight forward teaching style helped me reinvent my playing style and correct allot of old mistakes I had ingrained. I am deeply grateful for that! But that’s not all, he also gave me 1 on 1 pointers whenever I hit a sticking point! His attention to detail, and even more importantly, his ability to convey that information are absolutely top-shelf!

I recommend Jay as an instructor without reservation.

Phillip Vautour (aka Furious Phil) – Alberta, Canada

I consider myself an accomplished guitarist, but watching Jay Parmar’s instructional videos I always learn something new. Aside from that, they are extremely entertaining.

Fernando Tavares – Canada


In Lynch Lycks Jay , has helped remove the mystique of  Georges playing by offering “bite size” riffs, licks , phrases that allow the student to internalise them very easily into their own playing . More recently I  have utilised Jays Lick 22 season 2 into a song I am working on – Jay has also pain staking dissected some of Georges more frenetic work such as the solo in “Heaven Sent” – which has assisted massively in me getting the notes under my fingers along with one of those Lynch tunes ” You always wanted to learn …” Lynch Lyck’s lesson s 24 & 32 are from the REH Video ( remember those ?) intro – both the lead & the rytm , Jay has explained in a way only he can . With Jays , comforting and sincere manner along with the attitude of “Guys if I can do this so can you ” , he helps present with great detail and time analysing each nuance of George s playing.

Richard Beardsley, UK


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About Your Teacher | Jay Parmar

As well as being a solo artist, Jay has worked and recorded with a variety of bands and musicians over the years, including Eden’s Curse, Iron Knights and The Inner Road.

He is currently working on a new album with his band 7EvenSept, featuring Butcho Vokovic on vocals, Lucio Manco on Bass and Garry King on drums. The songs hark back to Jay and Butcho’s Lynch Mob/Badlands influence but with a contemporary take on the hard rock style of music.

Jay’s other band‘ The Cover Up Conspiracy’ is a progressive rock instrumental band with keyboard wizard Fabrizio Joblonski (Achillea). They are currently working on a new album which will be completed in 2016 and is much influenced by bands such as Dream Theatre, but with his signature Eastern influence sprinkled over the top to create a wonderfully rich and compelling piece of work designed to take listeners on a memorable and individual journey.

As a regular columnist on YouTube, Jay shares his George Lynch inspired licks and playing on his show ‘Lynch Lycks’

He is also a full time mix engineer and producer and has worked on numerous albums, the latest being the 2014 release ‘Revenge’ by UK rock band Skin’n’Bones and is currently producing and working closely with guitarist Mike Rotella on his latest album.

In 2013 Jay recorded with progressive rock band The Inner Road and the album ‘Ascension’ was released in May 2013 to great acclaim and receiving fantastic reviews and accolades.

2013 also saw Jay recording with UK Metal band Iron Knights with the single ‘Destroyer’ being released. He played live with the band in September 2013  at the Swordbrothers Festival in Andernach, Germany and supporting Diamond Head and Uli Jon Roth at the O2 Academy Islington during their UK.

Jay also has his build his own guitar via his company, Spirit Dance Guitars, creating very unique one-off artwork guitars inspired by native cultures and spirit.

What People | Say



Jay is extremely patient and puts you at ease especially when trying to cope with difficult pieces of music. 

He has a great range of abilities and skills and he uses these to teach you the tricks to make it sound like music and not just a string of notes.

Frank – Ovingdean, East Sussex