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Discover a New Era of Guitar Mastery with Jay!

Welcome to an exhilarating way to learn guitar. Since 1989, playing has been my passion, leading me to become a professional musician. Now, I’m eager to share that passion with you.

My teaching method is all about guiding you to become the guitarist you’ve always dreamed of being. Think of me as your tour guide on this incredible musical journey.

I work with higher intermediate and advanced students who are truly passionate and committed to mastering the guitar. My lessons blend technique with the practical joy of creating and writing music, ensuring you’re not just playing notes but crafting songs and developing your own sound.

This approach has proven to be the most inspiring and exciting way to learn. You’ll immerse yourself in the music you love while also making your own unique creations. I aim to help every student achieve their musical ambitions, playing the way they’ve always dreamed.

Beyond just teaching notes, I delve into the details that make your playing truly distinctive. Want to sound like Dave Gilmour? We’ll cover everything from guitar choice and pickups to tone settings, picking style, vibrato, and even the spaces between notes. Interested in Eddie Van Halen’s style? We’ll break down his iconic licks, solos, and techniques, uncovering what makes his playing uniquely his.

Since 2006, I’ve taught private classes and have extensive experience with recording, YouTube tutorials, touring, and guiding hundreds of students. You can check out my playing and teaching style on my YouTube channel:

Jay’s Youtube Channel

I offer weekly, hour-long lessons from my recording studio in Brighton, or via Zoom for those farther afield.

Ready to embark on your guitar adventure? I’d love to hear from you and help you achieve your musical dreams.

Have an amazing day and happy playing!



1 HOUR Trial Lesson for £30


Single Lesson: £40

3 Lessons £115

5 Lessons: £175

10 Lessons: £300


5 lesson blocks ARE AVAILABLE FOR WEEKLY BOOKINGS AND are valid for valid for 10 weeks from the date of purchase and lessons should be taken within this time. 

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About Your Teacher | Jay Parmar

As well as being a solo artist, Jay has worked and recorded with a variety of bands and musicians over the years, including Eden’s Curse, Iron Knights and The Inner Road.

As a regular columnist on YouTube, Jay shares his playing on tutorials, product demos and many other videos. He is also an Inspirational Speaker who brings inspiration to peoples lives and music.

He is also a full time mix engineer and producer and has worked on numerous albums.

Jay has albums available on iTunes and CD Baby.

Jay also has his build his own guitar via his company, Spirit Dance Guitars, creating very unique one-off artwork guitars inspired by native cultures and spirit.

What People | Say

‘Jay is a guitarist extraordinaire with a great teaching style that helps you get past the roadblocks of your musical journey. In addition to his great guitar skills, he is also well versed on helping you to bring your music creations to life with studio tips and tricks. My playing has never been better!’ 

Robert A. (California, USA)

‘Jay is a well-versed musician and producer. I have been very impressed with the caliber of expertise and teaching throughout the years while working with him.  I started as an evolving guitarist mainly interested in improving technique. However, I gained so much more by working with Jay. I broadened my understanding of the internal processes and skills needed to create and produce original music, something more important to me as a growing musician.’

Mark C (USA)

Jay has been my guitar teacher for 7 years already, and I’m still looking forward each next week’s lesson and to continuously improve my playing. When I re-started with guitar playing, after 15 years or so not having played guitar at all, I discovered Jay’s Youtube channel and became fan of his Lynch Lyck series. That was the inspiration which drove me to dig into solo playing which wasn’t my focus in the earlier time before. So, I contacted Jay to ask for guitar lessons and it resulted in a fixed date in my weekly calendar
since 2017.

When looking back these years of lessons with Jay I must say that I developed much more than just on technical guitar playing skills. It took me on a journey through lots of musical aspects of song composition and arrangement, playing styles of our heroes like Eddie Van Halen, Nuno Bettencourt, Waren DeMartini, George Lynch, etc, and I even got started and help with DAW recording and mixing topics.

Something important to say about Jay’s teaching is his great ability to analyse ones playing weaknesses and to find out what to change to be able to overcome them and to master i.e. faster playing, better in-pitch bending and vibrato or tighter and more accurate rhythm playing, etc… That allows much faster progress on such playing skills and to consistently improve on it.

In addition to all that, Jay is a great guy and a versatile musician who always inspires me a lot and keeps me rolling.

Rainer K (Germany)